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This Fan Club is maintained by ARN - Lucy Piller
For more information contact
tel 404 422 4552


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Madam Company are:

Melanie Denard - Lead Vocals
Jody Lundell - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Kurt Carrick - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Misty Carrick - Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals
Christian Davidson - Drums
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Madam Company has set out to be the Southeast’s (and beyond!) premier Bad company/Free/Paul Rodgers tribute band. 5 seasoned musicians have come together to pay homage to some of the most celebrated music of the classic rock era!

Lucy Piller


Email -
Ph. Cell 404 422 4552
Office. 770 650 8168

Stage Plot 

Backline requirements (if needed)
Guitar SR
1. Marshall 2061x + cab
2. Any Marshall tube amp with master volume
3. Vox AC15
Guitar SL
1. Fender Super Reverb
2. Fender or Marshall tube amp w/ cab
3. Mesa Lonestar Special
1. Aguilar AG700 w/ 4 ohm 4x10 cab
2. SVT Ampeg 8x10 cab
3. SWR Redhead (old one) or other 4x10 combo
Drum Set with all hardware
Kick 22" min.
High Hats
Rack Tom
Floor Tom
2 Crash Cymbals
1 Ride Cymbal
Keyboard and stand
1 - 88 key weighted digital piano with piano and organ sounds
Wireless Mic
3 BGV mics and stands
2 DI's
6-string acoustic guitar with pickup comparable to Takamine or Martin
7 electric guitar stands
1 acoustic guitar stand