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The Southeast's Premier Bad Company, Free & Paul Rodgers Tribute Band

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"Taking on the vocals of Paul Rodgers is a no small task. This Madame is up to the challenge, The band deliver the musical goods as well.

This is a rocking tribute to one of the baddest bands on the planet. 

Bad Company" 

Well Done !

Jeb Wright

"Most impressive Bad Company Tribute I've seen yet !! "

Brad Mercer 

 TV show Host/Award Winning

DJ-BRAD Mercer's Bands 'N Fans


"A great tribute requires capturing the original unique sound that defined the band. Madam Company has every aspect of Bad Company's sound from guitar, drums and vocals perfected"

Sean Keenan

The VISTA Room Atlanta


"Very Nice Delivery! 

She is very Talented !!

                        Great Band "

Chris Crawford - Management for 

Bad Company & Paul Rodgers

Inspired by greats that come before them, musicians are often drawn to pay tribute to those that touch them most deeply. To think you can take on one of the greatest rock bands ever is one thing. To take on one fronted by a singer as prolific as Paul Rodgers is another. Didn’t think it could be done, but Madam Company’s Melanie Denard is spot on with her phrasing and controlled throaty roar, that—like Rodgers—was made to go over big guitars! What a satisfying surprise!

Tony Smothers - Chappell Entertainment

Not only does Melanie have a great voice she has a great presence and sings those songs with respect and soul and therefore is worthy of anyone's attention who likes great rock and blues rock music - 

Madam Company are in the house Jon Kirkman Classic Rock Radio